We’re thrilled to be building one of the most exciting new restaurants in the United Kingdom. The only limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves. At this moment, anything is possible. Please sign up below to join us on our journey.

At Oxeye our menus change daily, firstly, each guest will have a menu built around their tastes and preferences but also, the structure and courses are strongly dictated by the produce we’ve received from Melbourne Estate and Park Farm, as well as the other farmers and suppliers that we’re working closely with. We aim to create a delicious menu built around the best flavours of the fields, hedgerows, gardens and woodlands of the Melbourne Estate and the U.K. as a whole. Below is an example menu for an idea of what to expect.

Sharpham Park spelt mugicha and genmaicha

Gougère of Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher

Tsukemono of garden vegetables, wild plants and cover crops

Raw Lindisfarne oyster with bergamot and smoked Tamworth fat

Golden beetroot with clementine kosho

Aged Longhorn fat brioche feuilleté
Sourdough and cultured cream

Roasted and raw crosnes with black Wiltshire truffle chawanmushi

Brill braised in oxidised chardonnay

Rib of Park Farm Longhorn beef, grilled over Longhorn bone charcoal,
sauce Chateau Talbot 1970

English Sparkling Wine kakigori, Hambledon Premier Cuvee

‘Mont Blanc’ 2019 with wild Derbyshire chestnuts

Salted cherry leaf biscuits

Egremont Russet apple